Travelling With The SB-1

I recently travelled to Hong Kong and, of course, took an SB-1 with me. Here are some pictures of me using it at the airport and on the plane…

This particular guitar is a one-off ‘special’ that we made as a pre-cursor to the first production batch, by the way. On which subject, they really are nearly here! We had a few delays along the way, perhaps inevitably (these things are sent to try us, I guess), and exacerbated by it being summer holiday season (including my own!) – but we’re almost there…

While I was in Hong Kong, I showed it to my friend, actor Joey Leung. Here he is checking it out while taking a break from a volleyball game… Seems to have been well received, judging by the comments there :-)

Oh, and talking of travelling, here’s a picture from a different trip I took a few months back: you can’t do that with a Strat!

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