Travelling With The SB-1

In the lounge

In the lounge

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2 Responses to In the lounge

  1. Dave Lynch says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Excellent design and execution. Do you have manufacturing and distribution set up yet?
    Guitar Workshop
    Sacramento, Ca

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Dave,

      Many thanks – glad you like it! We have small-scale manufacturing set up, building in limited-edition batches of five at a time. Whether or how much bigger we go will really depend on how demand pans out – the more quickly the early editions sell out, the sooner we should be able to scale up. No distribution yet – the plan is to sell direct initially, due to the low volumes, although I’m hoping we can get a few into a some select locations so there’s somewhere to see them first-hand and try them out. All very early days yet and (I suppose inevitably) there has been a litany of delays along the way, but we’re getting there gradually. Onward! 😉

      All the best,


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