Going Home

My SB-1 Prototype guitar went ‘home’ today. I’d arranged with Simon, who originally built it for me, to take it back to his workshop so he could strip it down and send it off to be CNC scanned in preparation for producing a couple of pre-production models. The result hopefully should be a CAD file that will allow these and future models to be produced more accurately, based on the original prototype as a template.

It was good to see Simon again after so long, and to see how his workshop has expanded during the intervening years. It felt quite strange – in a nice sort of way – to be back where it all began.

I have to admit, though, that I did feel a little nervous leaving the guitar – I’ve suddenly come over all protective and as I write this I realise I’m thinking of it as ‘her’! She’s the only SB-1 in existence, and this is the first time I’ve left her away from my house… I know she’s in good hands though and I’m sure we’ll be safely reunited in no time at all.

How she feels about all this is a whole other matter, of course!

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