The Finished Guitar

Yay! At long last I have the production prototype! It was actually ready last month, but the bad weather we were having at the time prevented me from getting over to Martin to collect it (my car was under a foot of snow and even if I had been inclined to dig it out, some of the smaller country roads along the way wouldn’t have been safe to drive). So after yet another small delay (bit of a recurring theme, that!) I finally got over there a couple of days ago.

Well, all I can say is, it was worth the wait!

I know I’m probably biased, it being my baby an’ all, but it looks stunning, feels great and sounds amazing. Suffice to say I’m a very happy man. Feels like it’s all finally coming together.

I spent yesterday taking photos (while it’s still all shiny and pristine!) and will now spend the Christmas break playing with it, bedding it in and seeing whether there are any tweaks needed before we go into production.

Talking of which, hopefully that will be early in the New Year. A limited edition run of five, I think. Who wants to buy the first one? Could be worth a fortune one day 😉 Get ‘em while they’re hot!

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