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Hirsch SB-1 Radius Production Prototype 03

Hirsch SB-1 Radius Production Prototype

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3 Responses to Hirsch SB-1 Radius Production Prototype 03

  1. L.V. says:

    I love the idea and the look/concept is really great.

    But one nagging question remains… how come no shots to see how you handled the design of the open hole behind the trem? That would be 180 degrees from this photo…

    I know that to keep the length shorter there would have to be a.very.close opening to the end of the guitar. I am not complaining — only curious as a former instrument maker myself!

    To be truthful in what you have is a good sign that you have done the best that can be done – and if proto # 7 plays a sweet a she looks, there will be no problems 😉

    An instrument with a short an overall length as she has, well… something has to give!

    Prospective buyers would not be disheartened by an accurate depiction of what they will get if they pace an order. If there _is_ a serious problem with the look/design, best to find out before proto# 8 is commissioned.

    Best of luck,
    LV Johnston
    lvjmusic at yahoo dot com

  2. L.V. says:

    sorry, I was looking at newer pics and thought I was seeing proto # 7 when in fact it was # 3…


  3. Jonathan says:

    Hi LV,

    Many thanks for posting – glad you like it!

    The pictures in this article should give you a feel for the trem cavity itself. It’s then covered by a lightweight aluminium plate, described here. I haven’t posted any photos of it yet as the plate itself isn’t fully finished and doesn’t yet look as good as I want it to for the production models – there are a few small tweaks to make and it needs anodising to give it the right finish. I’m also hoping we can get the ‘hirsch’ logotype etched into it 😉 All being well, we should have that sorted within the next few weeks, so I’ll take and upload some pictures of it as soon as.

    In terms of trem performance, with the guitar set up so that the bridge plate lies flat (i.e. parallel to the strings / body surface), you can go up a semi-tone. I’m thinking we may be able to improve on that with some small tweaks to the cavity routing, and of course more is possible if you don’t mind a set up with the bridge plate angled forwards a little.

    Thanks again for your interest!

    All the best,


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