Taking Stock

Lots to do. I need make contact with the guitar magazines and try to get them to run some reviews or features on the guitar. I also need to start looking into endorsement opportunities. And I think it would be good to get a guitar or two into a shop window if someone will take one.

To which end, I think the next step is to get two or three pre-production models built. I suppose I’ll have to consider these semi-expendable as they’re bound to get knocked about a bit and scratched in the course of doing the rounds of magazines and shops etc. But hopefully the interest and feedback they generate (no pun intended!) will make it worthwhile. And even if they’re not in saleable condition at the end, at least I can add them to my own guitar collection!

It also worries me slightly that the SB-1 prototype is currently the only one in existence. If anything were to happen to it…

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