Paul Reed Smith

While I was in Denmark Street, I got some interesting feedback about Paul Reed Smith guitars.

Personally I’ve always perceived PRS as the third big brand after Fender and Gibson – the company that managed to launch a new design into a market dominated by the two big players, and carve out a respectable slice of it. I look up to PRS and I suppose to some extent I aspire to follow a similar path for my guitar. The fact that the shops are full of PRS models costing anything up to £4,000, or in some cases even more, suggested to me that there is a market for good quality guitars in that price bracket.

But it seems that PRSes are now massively out of fashion and not selling, with second-hand values plummeting. Rather a shame, I think, but more importantly for me, some cause for concern! I suppose it goes to confirm that, even with a strong brand, the price has got to be right. Or maybe it just highlights the fickle nature of fashion…

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2 Responses to Paul Reed Smith

  1. Jeztone says:

    Erm bit of a History lesson here. In the early 1980 s Gibson Les Pauls were cheap as chips as they were unfashionable, then along came Slash and Grunge and… Before the alternative crowd discovered them, j;azzmasters and Jaguars were cheap as chips. A good guitar is a good guitar. I’d say buy PRS now while they are affordable.

  2. Alexander Lopez says:

    As far as I’m concerned, I think PRS are WAY overpriced. After all, they’re made with CNC machinery but priced as handmade one-pieces. So, they are actually not much better than Gibson, Carvin, or Ibanez.

    What marks the difference is the final step; if you buy a Gibson and hand it to a respected luthier to give it a good setup, the quality difference will be nil.

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